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5 Things That Proves it's Time for Boiler Repairs

Neglecting repairs on the boiler unit of your industrial operation can hurt your bottom line. Not only can a boiler that needs repairs detract from efficiency, but it can also raise the chances that your boiler will malfunction entirely so that your operation must stop running while you're waiting for repairs.  

Look out for the following signs that your boiler needs repair to keep your operation running smoothly:

1. Your boiler is experiencing leaks.

A boiler is designed to be a closed loop that doesn't allow any steam to escape. A leak is more than just a sign that your boiler isn't operating properly. It's also a potential workplace hazard. Any heat or moisture escaping your system means that you need repairs as soon as possible.

2. Your boiler is not consuming fuel as efficiently as it used to.

If your boiler is not operating as efficiently as it used to, it probably needs to be looked at by a technician for potential repairs. You should carefully track fuel consumption as part of regular inspections of your boiler so that you're aware if there are any operation issues that need to be looked into. 

3. You're looking for ways to bring down the costs of running your boiler.

Even if your boiler is working fine, repairs and enhancements could improve its performance and bring down your operating costs. Look out for potential upgrades you can make to your boiler system. Sometimes, investing in a refractory replacement or another upgrade could drastically reduce your overhead costs and thereby improve the bottom line of your company's operations.

4. Your boiler is making unfamiliar noises while running.

Any changes your boiler makes in terms of operating noises could indicate a malfunction that needs to be looked at right away. Over time, you'll get used to how your boiler sounds when operating properly. Pay attention to any changes in the noises it makes. If you start to hear any clanging or cracking sounds, you could have an issue with your condensate pump or with another vital component of your boiler system.

5. The low water switch of your boiler is being set off.

Typically, a boiler is designed with a low water cutoff switch that will alert you in case the water level gets too low. If the water level gets too low, your boiler is liable to experience issues with the control valve or the feed water pump. 

Any time your low water cutoff switch is activated, you should look into the cause and determine whether or not the situation requires repairs before continuing with normal operations. If your boiler needs repairs, contact services that provide rental boilers while you wait.