How Custom Rubber Parts Are Manufactured

Rubber is an essential component of many machines and tools. Rubber parts keep liquids flowing between multiple parts, cushion moving parts, and form flexible structures. If you have a project or design that requires rubber parts, a rubber manufacturer can create parts to your exact specifications. To create three-dimensional rubber objects to completely custom specifications, manufacturers use a variety of shaping techniques. Here are three of the most common techniques used to shape and form rubber into usable objects.

Top Mistakes You Might Be Making With Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

Many industrial businesses work with a lot of metal, and they therefore often end up with a lot of industrial scrap metal. If your industrial business works with a lot of metal, then you might already have a lot of scrap metal to deal with. Over time, you might have looked for the best ways to deal with that scrap metal, and you might not be new to the process of recycling industrial scrap metal.