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Factors To Consider When Sizing Your Air Compressor

When choosing your air compressor, it is important to accurately size it in order to have the appropriate amount of air for the application. The easiest way to determine how much air you will need the air compressor to generate is to find out how much air is needed for a particular type of tool. Consider checking with the manufacturer. Fortunately, the majority of tools require a psi of 90-100. 

Horsepower Is Not As Important

Do not pay attention to the horsepower of the air compressor when determining which compressor will be the appropriate size, because the horsepower does not determine the amount of air that the compressor will provide, only the cubic feet per minute, expressed as cfm, and the pound force per square inch gauge, expressed as psig. The PSI is the amount of pressure generated, and the cfm refers to how much air flow is provided. The less time you will spend using an air compressor in a given hour, the lower your cfm will be.

Tools that can require a lot of cfm include rotational sanders and certain types of shears and needle scalers. Examples of tools that do not require as much cfm include brad nailers, ratchets, and framing nailers. However, you will need to add together the cfm of tools that you will intend to use at the same time. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to save money, it may make sense to use fewer tools at the same time or to avoid using two cfm-demanding tools simultaneously. 

Consider Leaks And Future Growth

Take into consideration that there may be some leaks, so size the air compressor somewhat larger so that you will still have the air necessary to accomplish your tasks. Also, size the air compressor with the growth of your business in mind. You will also want to consider how often you intend to use the air compressor and whether you will need compressed air continuously or intermittently. 

Other Considerations

Consider not purchasing an air compressor that has a very high horsepower and has a low cfm. This is an indication that the compressor is designed only for occasional use. It will run very hot and will have a short lifespan if it is used frequently. The compressor tank receiver size will also affect whether your air compressor will allow your business to meet its objectives or whether you will come up short.