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Opening Your Own Industrial Plant? How To Choose The Right Mixer

If you are thinking about opening up your own industrial plant or factors, you have a wide array of decisions and choices to make about your new business venture. One of those numerous decisions is about the types of mixers you will use in your plant. There are many industrial mixer types available to you and choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world. Get to know some of your options so you can find the best mixer for your new plant. 

Bulk Container Mixers

Bulk container mixers have increased greatly in popularity in recent years. This is because of their various applications and their convenience. Essentially, the mixers are designed to mix your substances in large containers that can be used to also store the material.

The versatility of being able to both mix and store your materials in one place can help cut down on your use of space in your industrial plant and streamline all of the processes in your work. Generally, bulk container mixers are used for products that are primarily liquid-based. 

Sigma Blade Mixers

Another option for your industrial plant is known as a sigma blade mixer. Sigma blade mixers use two overlapping blades or two tangential blades to mix your products. The overlapping blade mixers essentially pull the mixture down into the mixer basin and overturns it to ensure that everything is fully incorporated into the final product. However, because of the configuration of those blades and the way they move, they are only used in lighter applications. 

Tangential sigma blade mixers are more popular. These blades do not overlap, and one of the blades moves quicker than the other, which can improve the mixing process and make it much quicker than it would be otherwise.

Double Arm Mixers

Another popular mixer option you should consider for your industrial plant is a double arm mixer. Double are mixers are much like the sigma blade mixers in that there are two moving components that serve to mix the components. 

Of all of the mixers discussed, double arm mixers may just be the most versatile. They are used in a wide array of industrial applications, including the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry among many others. These mixers come in all different sizes to accommodate an array of settings and uses and because of this, they may just be the perfect choice as you design and open your industrial plant. 

With these options in mind, you can be sure you make the best choice in equipment for your new plant.