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Rent A Dumpster Or Hire A Junk Removal Company? When Renting A Dumpster Makes More Sense

If you have junk or debris that you are trying to get rid of, you may find yourself wondering whether you should rent a dumpster to get rid of the junk or whether you should hire a junk removal company to come get rid of it for you. In some cases, hiring a junk removal company makes sense, while in others, dumpster rentals may be a better option for you. Here are a few of the scenarios in which renting a dumpster makes more sense than hiring a junk removal company. 

You Are On a Limited Budget

If you are looking to get rid of trash on a limited budget, a dumpster rental may be the better option for you. Unless you just have a few items, a dumpster rental is typically cheaper than using a junk removal company. Junk removal companies charge more because they load all of your trash into their truck themselves, reducing the amount of work you have to do. If you don't mind lifting your own trash and placing it in a container yourself, you can save money by using a dumpster rental. 

You Want to Take Your Time

Another scenario in which getting a dumpster rental makes more sense than a hiring a junk removal company is when you want to take your time loading up the container. When you hire a junk removal company, they come in and load everything up then and there. You have to have everything ready for them to go. When you rent a dumpster, you have a period of time, such as a week, to load the dumpster up, giving you time to go through things and dispose of things at a slower pace. 

You Have a Large Amount of Trash

The last scenario in which it makes more sense to rent a dumpster versus hiring a junk removal company is if you have a large amount of trash or debris to dispose of. The hauling capacity for junk removal companies is typically smaller than the size of dumpster rentals. As such, if you have a large amount of waste or debris, a junk removal company may need to make two loads, which can be costly and time consuming. Getting a dumpster is better to accommodate larger amounts of trash. 

Junk removal companies are perfect when you only need one or two items removed, such as an old appliance or an old couch. But if you need a large amount of debris taken care of, you want to take your time getting rid of things or you are on a limited budget, a dumpster rental may be the better choice for you.