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Three Reasons To Use A Scaffold Instead Of A Ladder

You probably already know what a scaffold is, but you could be wondering if it's truly a better choice than a ladder. After all, when you have needed to work at a bit of an elevation, you might have always used a ladder for the job. Even though it's true that a ladder can be quite handy for a range of things, using a scaffold can be the better choice in many scenarios. These are some of the reasons why scaffolds are often better than ladders for various jobs.

1. They Can Help You Work at Even Higher Heights 

For one thing, you should know that a lot of scaffolds can be brought up to much higher heights than your average ladder. Even though you might be able to get to the top of your house with an extension ladder, for example, you probably won't be able to use a ladder to get to the top of a large industrial building. However, there are scaffolds that can be used for this.

2. They Give You More Room to Work

With a ladder, you only have a very small area to stand on while you are working. This can be quite uncomfortable and can make it hard for you to get various jobs done. With a scaffold, however, you have a much larger work area that you can use. Plus, you even have room to have tools and equipment with you. Of course, scaffolds do come in different sizes, so if you want to take advantage of this, you should look for scaffolding that is large enough for what you need it for.

3. It's Safer

As you probably already know, a ladder can be quite dangerous. With just one misstep, you could fall and severely injure yourself, or worse. Scaffolds can be dangerous as well, but accidents often happen because of things like putting too much weight on the scaffold or not setting it up properly. If you use scaffolding as you are supposed to and if you check it over to ensure that it's in good, safe condition before you use it, then you can work in a much safer way than if you were to use a ladder.

If you are nervous about working at higher heights or if you are just focused on staying as safe as possible, choosing a good scaffold can be a good way to be focused on safety.