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Two Reasons Why Stucco Siding Is The Perfect Choice For Your Home

Great siding can make even the most basic house look absolutely amazing. The siding is used to not only add flair and pizzazz but it is also very functional as well. Siding keeps the oh-so-important foundational materials from coming into contact with harsh elements such as rain and snow. Choosing the right siding is important because you want your new house to be both aesthetically pleasing and as functional as possible. Find out why stucco is the perfect siding choice for your new home.

1. Building In A Noisy Area? Stucco Keeps The Noise Out

If you plan to build your home in an area that is known to be a bit on the noisy side you must protect yourself against unnecessary noise pollution. It's hard to enjoy a relaxing evening at home when you have to constantly hear the loud sounds of children playing outside, cars speeding down the road or airplanes flying overhead. You can help dampen these sounds by using stucco for your siding.

Stucco is a very thick material that is comprised of several layers of lime, cement, and silica over a wooden base. This creates a very thick, shell-like envelope that blankets your house and keeps you from hearing so many of the unsettling sounds that can sneak in from outside. The thick envelope also helps to keep more of your indoor air from seeping outside. Stucco is very cool to the touch so you should find that you don't have to use as much energy to keep your house at a pleasing temperature when the weather starts to heat up.

2. Paint Looks Great On Stucco

Paint tends to adhere to some materials much better than others. Stucco is one of those materials that looks great when it's painted. You can let your imagination run wild with paint combinations, perhaps using one color for the siding and a contrasting shade on the stucco trim. If you live in a warm climate you might want to select a color that falls on the warm side of the spectrum on the color wheel. It really helps the house blend in with the environment and seems to be a beautiful part of the natural surroundings.

Choosing the right siding is a great way for you to create a home that you will love getting back to after a long day at work. Go for stucco and you're sure to be pleased with the way your house turns out.