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Smart Tank Remote Monitoring: How This Tech Is Changing The Way Industrial Companies Manage Operations

Smart technology has taken over so many different aspects of daily life. Your home, your office, your entertainment options, and even many jobs and companies now use smart technology. One of the latest applications for this technology is applied to the industrial sector; specifically, any company that utilizes storage tanks for gases and/or liquids. If you are looking for tank monitoring solutions for your company, here is how smart technology and smart tank remote monitoring can help your company manage daily operations. 

The Tank Devices 

Inside each tank, a device is threaded down to the bottom. That is the internal component that extends to an external component attached to each tank. The internal component is able to tell how full or empty the tank is, and it helps register how fast the tank is emptying. The external component is like a mini-computer. It records volume, daily consumption, speed of consumption, and alerts you when the tank reaches a near-empty status. All of this data is sent remotely to your company's monitoring computers or mobile technology, allowing you to see in real time how each and every company tank is doing. 

The Benefits

Being able to monitor every tank remotely is huge. It means that your employees can focus on other tasks until there is a notification that one or more of the tanks needs refilling. When the tanks are monitored on an hourly or daily basis, you can see which tanks are being emptied faster than normal. It may just be a high production day drawing on tank contents, but sometimes fast draining tanks can signal that there is something else amiss.

It can reveal a leak in a tank that needs addressing. You could refill that same tank, but if there is a leak, then you would lose all of the contents of that tank before confirming that there is a leak. Sending someone out to check on the tank is more effective, and it is faster than discovering that a tank has a leak when a field agent is monitoring the tanks manually as opposed to the remote monitoring of the tanks via smart technology. 

Smart Technology Increases Efficiency

When you can tell at a glance on a computer screen how every tank is doing and which ones actually need a refill (versus those that do not), your company becomes more efficient in day-to-day operations. Field employees spend less time in the field and more time in the plant, which reduces overall hiring costs and payroll hours for additional employees. If you are ready to talk about this solution, find a provider.