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Features Found In A Warehouse Pedestrian Protection System

Forklifts are an essential part of warehouse facilities and allow warehouse workers to transport objects that would otherwise be too heavy. However, the use of forklifts can also lead to injuries when pedestrians are struck by vehicles. Training forklift operators to be highly alert is one way to reduce injuries, but sophisticated warehouse detection systems may be necessary to maximize safety.

Alarm Systems

Forklift accidents are catastrophic and can force workers to take time off as they recover. These accidents can lead to higher workers' compensation bills. Your warehouse might also be fined if you are not following safety standards. Warehouse pedestrian detection systems are an important way to reduce accidents.

Pedestrian detection systems can use visual and auditory alerts to make sure that forklift operators are aware of potential accidents. Pedestrians wear small alarms that alert them when a forklift is nearby. Proximity sensors detect when a pedestrian is nearby. The alarm system can also detect when a pedestrian is in a designated safety zone so it will not be triggered at that point.


The photo eye sensors generate beams that bounce off a target within the detection range. Then, the light returns to the light returns and does not trigger an alarm unless the light is interrupted. If this is interrupted, in addition to triggering an alarm system, a strobe light begins to flash. 

When a manager discovers that a strobe light is flashing, they can alert the forklift operator to the potentially dangerous situation. The system does not automatically stop the forklift or prevent pedestrians from entering an area. Therefore, it's still important for each party to be aware and take the necessary actions. For example, the forklift operator should bring the forklift to a complete stop. 


When you choose to use a forklift pedestrian detection system, the system will be installed for you by technicians. However, if you would like to install the forklift yourself, you are allowed to do so because the pedestrian detection system is easy to install. They are also designed in such a way where they can be expanded as needed.

Special Features

Many pedestrian detection systems are able to be connected to the cloud so that events can be monitored remotely and actions can be taken. Also, by recording incidents and storing them in the cloud, you can determine if new policies should be implemented to keep your employees safer. 

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