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2 Benefits Of Purchasing Your Company's Plumbing Supplies Through A Wholesale Distribution Center

When your plumbing service was still in its early days, you may have gotten into the habit of buying your supplies through a local hardware store or home improvement center. While this may have worked when you had fewer customers, you may have found that it has become a hassle now if your business has grown.

While searching for alternatives to how you shop for your plumbing supplies, you may want to consider switching to purchasing them through a distributor. There are a couple of benefits you will find when you start buying your company's plumbing supplies through a wholesale distribution center.

1. Ability to Buy Frequently Used Plumbing Fixtures in Bulk Saves You Both Time and Money

One benefit of going through a distribution center to purchase plumbing supplies is that you will have the ability to purchase frequently used fixtures, accessories, and other supplies in bulk. Doing so will save you time because you do not have to make multiple trips to the hardware store to buy fixtures for each job. Instead, you will have them already on site.

The ability to buy the supplies for your plumbing business in bulk will also help save you money. When you buy over a certain amount, the center often provides a deep discount per item. The more fixtures, pipes, and other supplies you purchase, the more money you can save on their costs.

2. Recurring Orders at Your Desired Intervals Means You Will Not Run out of Essential Supplies

Another benefit of purchasing plumbing supplies through a wholesale distributor is that you can set up a contract for recurring orders. If you figure out what you or your plumbers use for every job and how much you go through per month, you can determine how many of each item you will need.

Once you have these numbers, you can speak with the distributor to set one or more weekly or monthly orders. Having these orders ready and delivered at your desired intervals means that you will not run out of essential plumbing supplies, saving you extra trips to the hardware store.

When going to the hardware store every time you need supplies for a plumbing job becomes too much trouble, consider purchasing them from a distribution center. Not only will you be able to buy fixtures and other supplies in bulk to save money, but you can also set up recurring orders so you do not run out of essentials.

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