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3 Reasons To Install Drain Protectors On Your Factory's Sinks

If you don't have drain protection devices on the sinks in your factory, then you should consider installing protectors. These devices prevent semi-solid or solid materials from going down sink drains. Some can also filter liquids to remove particles.

What are the benefits of installing drain protectors in your facility's sinks? 

1. Reduce Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Costs

If your sinks are open, then you have no control over the liquids or substances that go down them. If something can fit down your drain, then it will enter your plumbing system. This can cause some problems.

For example, if you have a staff cafeteria in your building, then its sinks might clog up too frequently. Food particles might build up to make a blockage; grease and oils can solidify in your pipes and create a clog.

You might need to pump your waste system out too frequently to fix a blocked sink. Or, you might have to pay for regular plumbing repairs.

If you install drain protectors or traps on these sinks, then you should reduce your plumbing costs. These devices catch materials before they enter your system. Your workers simply have to clean them out periodically.

2. Meet Local Filtration Standards

While you have ways to dispose of hazardous materials to prevent them from entering the main water system, your sinks might also need to meet secondary standards for less hazardous materials.

For example, your state might specify that your sinks have to have strainer filtration if you might wash certain materials or substances down them. These systems help keep local water supplies free from contamination.

You can buy drain protectors with fixed strainers. If something were to go down a drain, the strainer would filter it out of the water and catch it. You can then dispose of it according to local regulations.

3. Keep Your Sinks Safe

If your workers have to wash potentially harmful or caustic substances off their hands, then you have to ensure that other people don't come into contact with these materials. If someone doesn't rinse a sink after using it or doesn't take out the plug, then the next person to use the sink could get these waste materials on their hands.

Drain protectors can help trap these substances. Plus, if you buy lever-operated devices, then people can use sinks more safely without having to touch their plug areas.

You might need different types of drain protectors for different sinks in your facility. To get advice on your best options, contact a local plumbing supply store.