Plastic Die Cutting Is A Useful Process For Keyboard Manufacturers

Computer keyboards are an important tool, and manufacturers of them can make good money. One way to stand out is to make those keyboards unique or interesting. Plastic die cutting is a process that can help keyboard manufacturers meet that need to stand out. Die Cutting Can Benefit Keyboard Manufacturers The keyboard manufacturing process is typically one that involves plastic mold injections. This creates the shape of the keyboard and allows manufacturers to press keys and other items onto the keyboard. [Read More]

Examples And Uses Of Hydraulic Flange Spreaders: From The Common To The Uncommon

Flanges are typically any type of pipe connection that flattens out into a lip-style edge. Ergo, flange spreaders are tools used to open flanges that are tightly sealed together and are difficult to open. However, hydraulic flange spreaders are used in instances where it would be virtually impossible to pry open the flanges or two other flat surfaces any other way. The use of hydraulics applies additional pressure and force, which is needed in these particular instances. [Read More]

Lean Product Design Tips For Steel Manufacturers

When you're manufacturing products with steel, it's important to have a lean design and manufacturing process to reduce the time and supplies that your products need. Here are some tips on designing a successful manufacturing process for steel products.  Choose the Right Steel Fabricator Choosing the right steel fabrication services can make all the difference. Consider that steel has a varying amount of tensile strength, depending on the quality of the fabricator and the processes they used to create the steel. [Read More]