2 Things You Need To Make Sure You Can Grow Your Construction Business

When you are working to expand your contracting business, there are a lot of things that you are going to need so that you can make sure that your business can continue to grow. What are some things that you are going to need? Bid Software One thing that you are going to need is a way to figure out what the best bid for any job is. As a small contractor, you may not have to put in bids to get your job, but bigger jobs tend to require bids, especially if you want to get into working for municipal settings. [Read More]

Three Reasons To Use A Scaffold Instead Of A Ladder

You probably already know what a scaffold is, but you could be wondering if it's truly a better choice than a ladder. After all, when you have needed to work at a bit of an elevation, you might have always used a ladder for the job. Even though it's true that a ladder can be quite handy for a range of things, using a scaffold can be the better choice in many scenarios. [Read More]

4 Things To Know About Automatic Flow Rate Controlled Valves

If you have a system at your business that needs to use an automatic flow rate controlled (FRC) valve, it helps to understand how an FRC valve works and functions. This will allow you to know which stainless steel FRC value to purchase to best fit your needs, and understanding how an FRC valve works and functions will allow you to make informed maintenance decisions. The Basics At its very core, an FRC valve is really just a simple mechanical device. [Read More]

Making Sure Your Gauges Are Telling You What You Need To Know

Gauges are everywhere in industrial settings. They are used to monitor many different processes and conditions, but we take them for granted sometimes. Unfortunately, for those who are new to a production environment that relies on pressure or temperature monitoring, it can be difficult to understand the basics of gauge operation and their accuracy. An incorrect reading could be the difference between a failure in the system or successful completion of the process. [Read More]